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Pulse Racing (2004)
CD: NOK 150,-
Hey, luv ep (2002)
CD: NOK 50,-
LP NOK 80,-
Fuzzparade (2001)
CD: NOK 150,-
T-shirts NOK 150,-
choose amongst logos "more fuzz", "more bass" and "more power"
Boys: S, M, X, XL
Girls: S
Buttons NOK 20,-
choose amongst logos "more fuzz", "more bass", "more power", "jazz; nei takk" and "bronco busters"
Jacket patches NOK 40,-
choose amongst logos "more fuzz", "more bass", "more power"
Caps with "bronco busters" logo NOK 100,-
choose between black with white logo, black with orange logo, beige with purple logo or beige with black logo.
Boxer shorts with "bronco busters" logo NOK 120,-